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Garage Door Openers

For so many years in service San Francisco Garage Door has been in business, we’ve learned a few things about garage door openers. San Francisco Garage Door offers only the best, most trusted brands of overhead door openers on the market so you can have peace of mind, knowing that safety is our number one priority.

San Francisco only works with leading garage door opener manufacturers in the market LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman and Chamberlain.

It is great to have good friends to help you out when in you are in a bind, but your garage door and opener should be serviced and inspected by trained and qualified technicians that can not only repair the problem, but can also inspect your door and opener to insure that all of the safety features are working properly.

To insure you have only the best quality garage door opener in your home, turn only to San Francisco Garage Door Services. We provide and install professional grade garage door openers in San Francisco, CA area.

If you have an opener that was manufactured before 1995 you should definitely look into getting it replaced. Why? Because before 1995 safety eyes were not invented yet which are extremely crucial. It is imperative that you check to see if your opener has safety eyes installed 6 inches above the ground, especially if you have pets or children! LiftMaster and Genie are the leading manufacture brands for garage door openers. They come with special features like rolling code security. In the 90’s rolling code security was solely made so that the transmitters would not interfere with one another. This means that the older models were built with rolling code security of only a few hundred code variations. As time passed, rolling code security also became a way to make the garage door more secure and less easy to break into. LiftMaster offers garage door openers with rolling code security that have BILLIONS of code variations.

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LiftMaster and Genie Openers offer garage door openers with remarkable features such as:

  • Rolling Code Security: prevents replay attacks and provides added security
  • Battery BackUp: Even when there is a power shortage, your garage door opener can run up to 40 cycles! You can still have access to your vehicle and storage space.
  • Automatic stop/reversing systems: the door automatically stops when it comes into contact with an obstruction in the path. Very important for customers with pets and children.
  • Safety Eyes: which are motion sensors that detect when an obstruction is in the way of the garage doorway path. The San Francisco Garage Door technicians always install the safety eyes the correct way which is 6 inches above the ground unlike many people who try to do it themselves or hire independent contractors who do not warranty their work. We also install the garage door opener keypad 5 feet from the ground to avoid small children from playing with it.
  • Smart Control Panel: automatic lights that display time and temperature. When in use they turn on automatically, and off when not in use.

San Francisco Garage Door offers the most professional opener installation for reasonable prices. We only charge for supply and labor all inclusive with a 90 day warranty on the labor. We work with top of the line brand names and our technicians are very comprehensive, knowledgeable and have years of experience under their belts. Sam Francisco Garage Door has been serving customers within the entire San Francisco, CA metro area and its surrounding neighborhoods for over 10 years. You can call us now for a LiftMaster 8500 with a belt drive. A belt drive means that a smooth rubber belt runs along its tracks causing it to operate inaudibly which is recommended to those with residential garage doors and value their peace and quiet. A chain drive however, is a sturdy chain running along its tracks meant for heavy duty commercial use. Chain drives are the most economical garage door opener drives in the market. The belt drive is only $50 less than the chain drive. San Francisco Garage Door provides installation, repair, replacement for garage door openers, garage door opener drives, and much more! For all inquiries, call our friendly phone representatives right.

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To know more about our great deals visit our website or give us a call at 415-226-1399. The residential group of San Francisco Garage Door Openers are designed to perform, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, trouble-free operation.